How do I load a .pitemx file

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02-01-2019 02:30 PM
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I have tried to follow the amazing John Nelson's online suggestions, but keep coming up short.

I download .pitemx files, and have no way seemingly of opening them in ArcGIS Pro. Help ?

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Yeah, there appears to be two types of .pitemx files, those automated kind with file names of item.pitemx, and those that are actual packages people create by exporting them from Pro and uploading them to AGOL (or your local portal). Those latter kinds seem to work, which is what I was referring to when I wrote that. I always get those item.pitemx to open Pro but they don't extract anything into Pro.

But, that's probably because that's a vector tile layer, and you won't actually download the contents to your computer. VTL's are something you would just add to your Pro map by using the Add Data option. For that OSM VTL you provided, I just searched the Living Atlas in Pro Portal from the Add Data option for "OpenStreetMap", and bam, there are all your OSM VTL options to chose from to add to your map.

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Good Morning

I am running ArcPro 2.4. This does not open the Sea Level Rise Innundation pitem files located here. Any idea why not ?




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If you're experiencing #BUG-000122065 Opening an ArcGIS Online Item in ArcGIS Desktop (ArcGIS Pro) when an instance of Pro is already running, creates a new instance of Pro instead of adding the item to the existing instance be sure to contact TS and attach yourself to the bug in hopes that it will soon be corrected. 

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it turns out that the pitem file does not pop up in the project until was added the topographic layer. So, be aware of metadata.

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