Getting Orthomosaic file into ARCGIS to upload to our dashboard

11-28-2021 01:19 AM
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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get a 3.5gb orthomosaic Tif (Geotiff) file into ARCGIS so we can put it into our content and on one of our dashboards. From a bit of research I’ve done is it possible that the file is too large and that’s why it won’t load into our content? if so how do we compress? 

Any ideas would be great! 
Thank you!

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@SarahDickson17 are you uploading to AGOL or Enterprise?

BigTIFF format is fine in Pro. I've worked with 100GB tiffs in pro without any issues.

If you want to use as a basemap in a dashboard, then you'll need to make a tile package and upload that and publish a hosted tile layer. Or you can just publish a tile layer directly from the TIFF layer in the TOC. 

Best to build pyramids first, or load into a mosaic dataset and build overviews. AGOL will use those overviews at the point of publishing and save resources.


If the issue is purely that you can't open it in Pro at all, then try loading it into a mosaic dataset first and then build overviews with parallel processing enabled afterwards.

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