Forest based classification and regression - error 110180: not enough variability

12-30-2020 12:58 AM
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I have been using the "Forest-based classification and regression" tool and I am stuck on an error (not enough variability).

I run this tool using polygon dataset with 0 or 1 value (categorical) as training feature and raster files.

I cannot find the origin of this problem. What is meant by not enough Variability? 


At least one field in the Explanatory Training Variables parameter contains records, and at least 95 percent of those records have the same value. More variability in the values is required.


Determine which field has many of the same values, and either remove the field or alter the values to provide more variability.


The print screen shows the histogram of the raster which has not enough variability - as we can see: not 95% of the records have the same value.

What can I do here?


Do you have any ideas how to solve it?






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