Failed to Build Stereo Model

07-02-2021 01:59 AM
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I was trying to Build Stereo Model for a mosaic dataset containing Skysat Scene Basic satelite imageries. I have already adjusted the imageries using RPC but Pro returns "No stereo model was built." after running the tool.

ArcGIS Pro version: 2.8.1

Kindly see details below. Thanks!


Build Stereo Model

Input Mosaic Dataset Image Collection
Minimum Intersection Angle (in degree)
Maximum Intersection Angle (in degree)
Minimum Area Overlap
Maximum Omega/Phi Difference (in degree)
Maximum GSD Difference
Group by
Updated Mosaic Dataset Image Collection
Only pick stereo models in the same flight line NO_SAMEFLIGHT

Start Time: Friday, July 2, 2021 4:45:39 PM
No stereo model was built. Please change parameters and try again.
Succeeded at Friday, July 2, 2021 4:45:39 PM (Elapsed Time: 0.53 seconds)

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