Error Calculating Near Distance on Living Atlas Feature Layers

07-02-2019 12:59 PM
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I have a point dataset of ~600 locations across the northeast USA.  I'm trying to calculate near distances to various Living Atlas hosted feature layers (USA wetlands, USA flood hazard, USA detailed streams).  I have tried every combination imaginable but always get an error (various subsets of the data, different coordinate systems, different storage locations for the data, stripped out versions of the data with no fields, conducting the analysis in ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcGIS online, different users / computers).  All of these combinations yield the same error 

The error in ArcPro is typically a "999999 something unexpected caused the tool to fail".  The error when run in ArcGIS online gives potentially more details on why it's happening: 

GetLayers for parameter 0 failed. Error: {"code" : 0, "messageCode":"GPEXT_018","message": "Number of features in service exceeds the limit of 100,000 features. Use a hosted feature service as input to analyze large dataset.","params":{"url" : ""}} Find Nearest failed. 

I would love to use the living atlas for this type of analysis and not have to download each state's data.  

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