Entering a traverse curve with Central Angle, Radius, and Arc Length?

04-01-2020 09:36 AM
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I have a number of parcel descriptions that include curves that are described with central angle, radius, and arc length.  The problem is how to enter it into the traverse tool in Pro.  Based on the curve overrides section in Enter a traverse—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation, the central angle (delta) occupies the same entry spot as the arc length.  Additionally, when I try to enter the central angle with the override (24-47-31d) it sends the cursor back to the direction column with no entry for my delta.  #

I've been getting around this problem before by stopping at the point of curvature and entering backwards from the point of beginning to the other side of the curve and then using the End Point Arc Segment tool and entering the radius.  Simple, sort of.  But now I have a parcel to enter that has 2 curves and unless I can find how to enter this combination of variables I'm stuck. 

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