Distance field causing trouble in Rematch Addresses

04-06-2020 06:35 AM
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I'm noticing in the latest version of ArcPro (2.5.0), I'm getting an error when Rematching Addresses with own geolocator service published on our 10.7.1 server.  When I find a match and accept it, it says there is something wrong with the value it's trying to put in the Distance field (it should be 0 for most, we use address points so they're spot on).  I tried looking through my geolocator service settings and seeing if there's something in there that would be helpful to change, but I couldn't see anything.  If I simply delete the Distance field out of my new feature class then I can rematch just fine, but I'd like to get rid of that extra step if I can.  Is this a bug or something I can fix somewhere?

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I'd like to better understand the problem you are encountering. What is the error you receive? Which tool was used to create the locator you have published? Are you using the Rematch Addresses geoproessing tool or the Rematch Addresses pane?

If you created the locator with the Create Locator tool, it is possible to turn off any fields you do not want in the feature class of the geocode result. This can be found in the Locator Properties on the Output fields page. Once you have modified the original locator you can overwrite the existing service using one of the following steps in ArcGIS Pro 2.5:

Overwrite a locator—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

Overwrite a geocode service—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

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