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Display measurements in the legend of a layout for features in the map extent (script)?

04-17-2024 02:12 PM
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I need to make several map layouts for different areas.  Each area has the same 50 asset feature classes with several features within each class. Their measurements are not consistent from site to site as they are all unique. I need the sum area or length of each feature class displayed in the legend of my layout specifically for the extent of that site rather than the sum area of every feature in the feature class.

Right now, the only method I am aware of for accomplishing this would be to make copies of each feature class by exporting only the features within the extent of my site.  After exporting a copy of the feature class, I would have to manually sum the area or length of that class and then put the measurement I calculated in the title so that it will display in the legend.  With 50 plus sites and 50 feature classes per site, this would require over 2,500 copied feature classes with time taken out to calculate each individual one.  I am hoping that there is a script out there to streamline this process.  Essentially, I want to be calculating the measurement of a feature class for only the extent of a layout and then have that measurement display in the title of the layout's legend much like one would utilize the "Show Feature Counts Option." 

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