Detaching Even Number Elements in FileGeoDatabase

05-21-2024 05:58 AM
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Hello everyone,


My question mainly centers around how to export a set of images on ArcGIS Pro. 


What I am trying to do:

I have a Survey123 dataset from which I need to extract quadrat sites ( images attached to each point), according to the corresponding numbers assigned to them ( site number). I need each image to be correspond to each site number, since each site includes numerical data on percent coverage to go with each image stored in a geopoint. Here's the process I  intend to follow. 

Extracting Data from AGOL:

  • I extracted the data from ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to avoid complications with permissions and access issues associated with feature services.
  • To do this, I went into the Survey in Survey123 and exported the data as a fileGeoDatabase 

Separate the evens from the odd 

  • I only need data from the odd points. I  used the following script which  I am attaching an image of below, to get rid of all the even points. I ran this through a custom analysis too, which I am attaching an image of below.

Extracting Images from File Geodatabase:


  • My problem is in the detaching evens  section 
  • I keep on encountering the error message when I try to run it as an analysis tool that:  
  • If anyone has any suggestion on how to solve this or a generally better approach  








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So one thing I see is your input workspace is using OneDrive.  I know other workflows in ArcGIS Pro using OneDrive causes issues in the GP environment.  Can you test a workflow for me?  Can the input workspace and Input_feature be on the C: drive vs. a OneDrive environment?  Do you get the same error messages?  Please advise.

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I updated it to C: Drive, and it still gave me the same error message that the data could not be updated outside an edit session

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