Composite locator not finding matches in first locator

09-16-2020 05:57 AM
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I have a composite locator that I made in Pro, one locator was made with create address locator- single field and the second with create locator- street address. If I geocode with the first locator without it being in a composite, it matches and works as expected. But once I put it into the composite, its not matching with that locator at all, and only matches to the second locator. I have the locator set up that my first one is the one I want it to match with first, then if no match, go to the second one, its just not functioning that way. Any ideas? Everything has been created and worked on in Pro.  

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I am surprised you can composite the two locators you have.  If you must have a composite, create the member locators with the create address locator tool.  However, my suggestion is to move forward and create a multi-role locator with the create locator tool.

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