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Cloud Storage Connection File for Azure Raster Storage

05-17-2024 07:14 AM
Occasional Contributor

As described in the documentation I'm trying to reach an Azure Blob Storage with my rasterfiles.

Has anybody a running sample how to exactly fill in the parameters to access the Azure Storage Account?


error-message is always like this (fake data in the screenshot for security reasons):  WARNING 002594: Failed to establish connection to the root of cloud storage, created ACS file may not work. Unbekannter Fehler [Failed cloud operation: Ping, Path: /vsiaz/]


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Occasional Contributor

Hi Markus.

Recently I worked with a cloud storage connection on Azure and it works for me with the following data:

  1. Access Key ID: it should be the storage account name in Azure.
  2. Secret Access Key: The account key that you can get on Azure Panel (Keys).
  3. The Bucket Name: It's only the container name, not the URL
  4. The Service EndPoint is also needed and is fixed to (it's not necessary to add the account name before that)

Use the New Cloud Storage Connection in the Insert Tab.




Hope it helps you.



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