Change Coordinate System Dynamically

01-13-2022 09:05 PM
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I created a Layout Frame with the area of interest zoom to fit the layout and has a GRID Coordinate System of GDA94 MGA Zone 55.

Note: This a series map which MGA Zone keep changing depending on the area of interest. 

On the Content Pane, below are both in GDA 1994 MGA Zone 56 coordinate system.

AdelmoCos1_1-1642135820537.png  Map Properties GDA 1994 MGA Zone 56

AdelmoCos1_2-1642135820540.png  Format Map Grid GDA 1994 MGA Zone 56

How do I dynamically change the Format Map Grid and Map Properties to match the area of interest Coordinate System shown below which is in GDA 1994 MGA Zone 55. In this way the grid line will align to True North.

The area of interest from the Layout Template which is Zone 55



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Do I understand correctly that you have a map series where the different pages should have different CRS? Would your problem be solved by adding a field "CRS" to the feature class defining your map series, in which you put the coordinate system for each page, and then when setting up the Map Series under "Optional Fields" set the "Spatial Reference" to this field?



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Hi the layer has already UTM Zone field. The issue is on following of the Map Frame:


If on the layout, the area of interest boundary is in UTM Zone 54. How do you dynamically change the above UTM Zone 56 to match the UTM Zone 54. 

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