Cannot publish feature class with standalone table as a web map

12-13-2019 03:40 AM
New Contributor

Hello every one,

I have create a database connection from ArcGIS Pro to oracle database 11g

I have two tables in oracle Incident and Calls, I have added this two tables in the current map 

the incident is a feature layer and the  table Call added as standalone table.

when I try to publish as web Map I got the following message:

failed to publish web layer ...

knowing that  I have tried to publish the standalone table alone without the feature layer, the publish success

and I have tried to publish the feature layer without the standalone table, the publish success.

can some one help me .

I am using ArcGIS pro 2.3.0, oracle 11 g

and I am publishing to ArcGIS  online.

check the attach.

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