Bar symbology legend item word wrapping problem

12-09-2021 07:04 PM
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I have a bar chart symbology point dataset. the Legend item for it has 2 problems. First, I cannot get rid of the patches. I do not want them there, as all of the bars are the same dataset. No need for individual bar colors. I can turn off the "Label (Layer Name) checkbox, and the individual patch labels go away, but the patch stays. 


Second, if i have the labels turned off, the "Layer Name" behaves as if it has to word wrap in the same width as the patches. It does not do that if I leave the Labels in the legend turned on. See pics below






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Just to understand correctly, you want to keep the label but get rid of the patch? If I don't want to display a patch, I usually make a dummy layer for the legend: a copy of the original one with a transparent symbology. 

Then you can also choose to rearrange the order, if you don't want the label indented:


I don't know why your second problem is happening, but it should be fixed anyway, since you are still displaying your labels.

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Hi Aaron, 

Currently the layout legend does not provide the option to not display the patches. This is true for all layer symbology, not just for chart symbols.  The current workflow for scenario like this is to convert the legend to graphics and manage the graphics accordingly. Converting to graphics does break the live link to the map and the layer's symbology. Please feel free to add an enhancement request to the Ideas site.

The second issue you describe is likely a bug. I'm not aware of any specific logged bug covering this problem. If this is something you want to keep track of you can contact support and have an issue logged into the bug tracking system. They can be contacted at

Thanks for the feedback, 


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