Assessment Bicycle infrastructure Munich Aggregate Polygons HELP NEEDED

12-22-2020 02:10 PM
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Dear all,

currently I am working on a project to analyse the bicylce infrastructure in Munich.

Therefore I created different layers with the  bicycle infrastructure and different buffer zones. 

Buffer zones include 200m 500m 1000m and 3000m

The closer the zones to the bicycle infrastructure, the better. 200m (green) got grade 1 and 500 Meter grade 2 etc. 

So I would like to merge the currently four layers to one layer and include the information about the grades. 

I already used the tool union, but it didnt work. The tool merge, merged the polygons without including the information about the grades

Hope that you get the struggle. 


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If you only have 4 zones, I'd say the easiest option is to add a field called 'grade' to each zone feature class/shapefile.

For each feature, start editing, and add the relevant grade to the 'grade' field in the attribute table.

Edit feature attributes—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

then merge the features.

However, looking at your data, the features seem to be overlapping, and this is incorrect.

I would recompute your buffers using Multiple Ring Buffer (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

with a dissolve option of 'ALL' /ring buffers. 



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Hello David,

thanks for your reply. 

Yes they are overlapping so this is one reason why I am struggeling. 

Ok thank you for your feedback 


Kind regards 


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Can you provide a sample of the data so we can experiment with various workflows?

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