ArcPy is Broken in ArcGIS Pro

08-17-2018 01:23 PM
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I'm on a split machine with limited rights, since I got upgraded to 2.2 my ArcPy is broken. I found the following two technical articles and am working with our IT to implement them. While I'm waiting, I wanted to know; is this issue related to that? Do I need to downgrade?

We've repaired, uninstalled and re-installed on admin-level logins. ArcGIS Pro works on the admin-level logins; does not work on the limited-rights login. ArcGIS Pro was subsequently uninstalled and re-installed on the limited-rights login using admin-level credentials. We have also tried resettting the application profile.

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This is the error message from ArcPy, and I have this one too:

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import arcpy

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>

  File "c:\program files\arcgis\pro\Resources\arcpy\arcpy\", line 77, in <module>

    from arcpy.toolbox import *

  File "c:\program files\arcgis\pro\Resources\arcpy\arcpy\", line 716, in <module>

    from .na import AddFieldToAnalysisLayer as AddFieldToAnalysisLayer_na

  File "c:\program files\arcgis\pro\Resources\arcpy\arcpy\", line 40, in <module>

    from arcpy import _na

  File "c:\program files\arcgis\pro\Resources\arcpy\arcpy\_na\", line 18, in <module>

    from ._sas import *

  File "c:\program files\arcgis\pro\Resources\arcpy\arcpy\_na\", line 59, in <module>

    class ServiceArea(cna.ServiceArea):

AttributeError: module 'arcpy._na' has no attribute 'ServiceArea'

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Welcome aboard the ArcGIS 2.2 upgrade train:  I liken it to the Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour' album.

Start here:  ArcGIS Pro 2.2.0 and Python Package Manager 

Move on to here: 

and if you still need more, search on 'Dan Patterson Blog'

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I found a fix from a comment in this thread; referencing a bad file path (in red): 

Hi Ghislain,

Thanks for the correction, you've put me on track to a solution! Upon "import arcpy", it seems that it's referencing a stray python path with a problematic version of numpy:

>>> import arcpy
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\malcolm\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python36\site-packages\numpy\core\", line 16, in <module>
    from . import multiarray
ImportError: cannot import name 'multiarray'

(and more stuff)


I list the paths:


>>> import sys
>>> for p in sys.path:
...     print(p)


C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\DLLs
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\site-packages
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\ArcPy
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\ArcToolbox\Scripts
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\site-packages\future-0.16.0-py3.6.egg
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\site-packages\pytz-2018.3-py3.6.egg
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\site-packages\sympy-1.1.1-py3.6.egg


(Highlighted bad path in red)


So, I can fix the problem just by renaming or removing the rogue Python location. But I am curious how the ArcGIS Pro Python installation found that path in the first place. Is C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Python a standard path that a new Python installation looks for, or was this stored somewhere?


Again, my ArcGIS Pro problem is cured once I've removed the problematic files - just curious how the ArcGIS Pro Python installation got crosswise with it. Thanks very much for your help!

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If you installed for all users, it puts the installation in the c:\program.... folder and dumps a path like that for individuals.

I install mine for me only in a different folder and the 'Users path doesn't exist since it isn't needed

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Thanks for the reply! I ran into a similar issue last year when I broke the Pro environment; afterwards, I think I used your technique of copying the folder as a cloned env in my main anaconda distribution to prevent it from happening again. I thought this was the same thing and have been battling this for more than a week.

This all affected my work computer so the response has been slow, and a lot harder without admin rights and with the installation in a central location.

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