ArcGIS Pro crashes when running GWR (and other deep learning tools) with more than 3 variables on AMD hardware

05-10-2020 07:18 PM
New Contributor

When running geographically weighted regression, or other tools that utilize the python deep learning environment (such as predicting with forest-based classification), ArcGIS Pro crashes. This only occurs on my desktop with AMD hardware (Ryzen 5 3600x & Rx 5700). My laptop with a weaker CPU & GPU (i7 6th gen; 960m), can run these tools just fine.

I do not have any logs I can send, as Arc does not simply crash, it immediately closes in the middle of geoprocessing (it seems like python environment itself is crashing).

I want to be able to run these tools on my desktop. Is there any way to get them working on the hardware I have?

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