ARCGIS Pro can no longer access feature classes created in ArcGIS for AutoCAD

09-22-2019 07:25 PM
New Contributor

Hello all. I have been using ArcGIS for AutoCAD quite successfully for a while to bring AutoCAD drawings into ARCGIS Desktop and ARCGIS Pro. I have just opened up my Pro project and I see that all the features that I created in ArcGIS for AutoCAD show that there is no source information. I also can not re-source the files to the drawing feature classes. They do not show at all in the folder menu. However I can see and open them in ARCGIS Desktop. I have even tried remaking them in AutoCAD, but ArcGIS Pro still can't see them. Running the current version of ArcGIS PRO. Does anyone know why this is no longer working? Thankyou.

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Esri Contributor

Hi Lauren.  This sounds like it would be worth a technical support call.  It isn't a problem I've heard of before.  If the files cannot be seen in the folder, and they have the normal .DWG extension, then I suspect there is a problem with your Pro installation.  If they files showed up in the folder, but then didn't contain any features, then that could be related to AutoCAD versions, etc.  I know this isn't much help to your specific problem, but I hope it helps to know that this is something unique to your configuration.

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