ArcGIS Pro adds HTML Tags to all map/layer descriptions when publishing

10-22-2021 04:57 AM
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We are having an issue where all our mapservices layer descriptions are enclosed in HTML tags like this:

Description: <DIV STYLE="text-align:Left;font-size:12pt"><P><SPAN>This layer comprises the findings ....

We cannot find a way how to disable this.

I think this started happening after upgrading to arcgis pro 2.8.1 

We are using Arcgis porta/server 10.8.1

Anyone has any idea how to resolve this ?

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I was able to remove HTML tags by doing this workaround:

  • From the content panel, save the project in "mapx" format (right click , save as Map File)
  • Open the .mapx file in Notepad++
  • Select all lines having HTML tags, except the lines that are part of "binaryReferences" at the bottom of the file.
  • Set notepad++ to search for RegEx value : <.*?>, and replace by nothing.
    • This will remove everything between "<" and ">", including "<" and ">"jalary_0-1663077859735.png


  • Save modifications and import the ".mapx" file in ArcGIS Pro (or just double click on it)

After this workaround, map services on ArcGIS Server doesn't have html tags

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Duplicate thread

How can such a 'feature' get added without any option to remove it?  It has broken a key part of my code.

It is bad enough that esri are forcing us to the (still) pre-beta ArcGIS Pro - which is going to have a huge cost implication to us as it means upgrading our VM host to have Nvidia GRID cards, as running without GPUs is just impossible.  But also, their decision to stop support of raster cats (that was a week of my time I've lost converting to VRT.  And now I find out about this!

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