ArcGIS Pro 2.2 - cannot assign default values to Subtype associated to Domain

08-01-2018 02:50 AM
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In ArcMap I was used to:

  1. create a new coded value Domain in my GDB (e.g. Domain name "DOMAIN", values '1: OP', '2: PT', field type short integer)
  2. create Subtypes in a short integer field of a featureclass (e.g. field "TEST", subtype "1:A" and "2:B")
  3. assign "DOMAIN" to both subtypes of my "TEST" field
  4. choose different deafult values from coded values defined in "DOMAIN" so that subtype A would be 'OP' and subtype B would be 'PT' as default

In ArcGIS Pro 2.2 I cannot seem to achieve numer 4.

The Subtypes View does not let me choose the codes from the DOMAIN under the columns "Deafult Value".

Is this a known limitation?

My goal would be to (e.g.) draw a new feature and have my field "TEST" compiled automatically with coded values 'OP' or 'PT' depending if I am creating (respectively) subtype A or subtype B.

Rather, when I create new features, the "TEST" field is compiled with the description

In ArcMap I can do this.


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Ok, maybe found a solution myself.

I cannot apply coded values from a domain to a subtype field as its values would be those in the subtype itself.

Rather,  I should use the subtypes to apply coded values from the domain in the other fields separated categorically from the subtype.

Can anybody confirm this?


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Add Coded Value To Domain—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

and help topics in that area may provide clarification

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Dan Patterson‌ Thanks, I am aware of the help and know the story.

I'd like just to start using Pro for everything but sometimes things are to be tried and tried before getting used to it

Anyway, the main difference from Pro and Map to this regard, and the thing that confused me, was that in Map in the Subtype tab of the featureclass property you cannot "choose" a default value for the subtype field itself, because it is hidden, while in Pro it is visible in the Field window.

Strangely, the subtype filed could also be associate with a domain (which for me is an error, correct if I'm wrong) and so I tried to list the coded values from the Subtype window, but it didn't work (which is correct).

I hope to have clarified my point, if you need some pictures I will try to produce them to make things a bit clearer.

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