Arcade: Totaling field values of features contained within a polygon.

03-01-2024 06:41 AM
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I have the following layers in my map:

Cable (line features). The important attributes here are Type and Length

Route (polygon features). Each polygon is a different route. Here I have separate fields for each cable type, and that's where I'd be calculating the summed lengths for that cable type within the route. 

I need to add up the lengths of the specific cable types that are within each Route polygon. For example, I'd need to add up the lengths for each BFO24W cable (from my Cable layer) that exist within the area of my Route 1 polygon. (from my Route layer). I would be calculating the summed lengths of the BFO24W cable under my BFO24W field in my Route polygon attribute table. 

I'm attempting to code this in Arcade, but I've got no clue how to get what I need. Any help is very much appreciated! 

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@hannahisreeding , little confused with the scenario but it looks like you are trying to achieve this:

If no, will it be possible for you to explain with screenshots or screen recording?

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