Applying raster function template for symbology changes from Stretch to RGB?

08-14-2019 06:51 AM
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I'm having trouble with using raster function templates and using them for symbology. The problem I'm having is I set up my symbology as Stretch and save it as a raster function template for use across a large number of rasters. Problem is when I apply the function instead of Stretch it is in RGB. Here is what I'm doing,

1) Import raster.

2) Apply symbology, notice it is Stretch.

3) Export as a raster function template.

The attached video shows what happens when I apply the raster function to the original grey scale raster. Instead of Stretch it is RGB.

The reason this is a problem for me is because I'm trying to publish a butt-load of rasters as image services on our portal. We need to use them in analysis. The problem publishing a raster as an image service with RGB symbology is if you enable pop-ups you don't get the pixel value, you get the RGB,

The other problem with publishing image services is in order to do that you need to share from the Catalog (which means that the raster needs to be saved in it's final form in order to publish). I've been battling this problem for a couple of weeks now on how I can apply my symbology and save the raster in it's final state so I can publish it as an image service. This seems like the only way to go but I've hit a roadblock. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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