Anyone enjoying ArcGIS Pro?

09-11-2021 01:36 AM
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It's easy to hate on software and call people out for being Esri shills or whatever. But in reality, the majority of us are probably using Esri software and are in the process of moving to Pro for our jobs. It's still the industry standard software that the majority of us are taught in school.

I'm using Pro 90% of the time I need to do GIS stuff these days. I only use ArcMap when I have to work off old projects or others' work.

What do you think?

What I enjoy the most about Pro coming from years of heavy ArcMap (and ArcView!) use is the improved cartography. I love being able to have many map layouts within one project. There's more built-in ability to add transparency to stuff. The symbology and labeling panes feel more fleshed out. It's nice seeing more Esri/Adobe interoperability with the Maps for Adobe plugin. All the new 3D and spatial stats tools are neat and make me wish I had more time to try them out.

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Performance is my biggest thing especially with the Utility Network & 3D. You run all the tests to see if your hardware is compatible, etc and passes all areas and it's still bad. I know performance is subjective. Ever done an Esri Training course and everything runs fine that's because the remote desktops I have been given in the past have specs like 20 logical processors, 122Gb RAM, etc. The trainer told me is was to ensure the user has the best possible experience. Not really apples like apples in government departments

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Sorry to hear you're experiencing some performance issues.  Have you taken a look at Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro ?  It sounds like you have already run the first part of the Hardware Check.  If so, are you willing to share screenshots of the results?

If you haven't yet, download and run the Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) and let us know if you're falling within the typical ranges.  If so, that may help determine where the performance issue is occurring (local hardware, application, or network communication).  For working with 3D, take a look through Working in 3D section to see if adjusting any of the suggested options there may help.

Hopefully that helps to troubleshoot the problem.  Please share results as we'd be interested in understanding more.

Thank you.

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I would recommend ArcGIS Pro to people who enjoy the following software characteristics: 

  • Painstakingly slow performance.  
  • Doing things more than one time.
  • Doing things more than one time, then opening ArcMap to actually get the job done. 
  • Enjoy random, simple things not working. Like select by locations, spatial joins, etc.  Then opening arcmap to do the job.
  • Editing SDE table schemas in ArcGIS Pro, then opening the table later in the day to find that none of the changes that you SAVED in the field editor, stuck after reopening the map. 
  • In general just random things that you'll do multiple times in Pro with no results, then open ArcMap to finish it off. 
  • Small random annoyances that are way to inefficient to be included in a software that is this far developed.  Example: selecting or field calculating a field in a table and if/when it completes, the table jumps to the front of the table forcing you to scroll across dozens or hundreds of fields to find the one that you were just calculating, while also not allowing you to view the contents of the table while scrolling across the table unless you stop scrolling.  

Some of this is repetitive, by design, but these are reasons why people who hate themselves and their job, will love ArcGIS Pro. 

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