AGP 2.5 Joining a two column table took 13 minutes. Am I doing something wrong?

04-03-2020 11:33 AM
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I"m a new, self-taught user and could use some advice. I'm working with municipal property SHP files. I decided to add a calculated field for a file in order to track a key metric. I did a spatial join of two SHP files then performed the add join with the two column (the common field and the common field). While AGP almost instantly announced "Add Join Completed" the program was unusable for 13 minutes while the add join completed. All data is stored locally (though I'm not sure whether AGP phones home nevertheless), and my computer passed the ESRI online test. There are about 70k rows.

AGP warned me that neither the shape file nor the two-column table were indexed. I started searching the issue and came across an ESRI treatment but it's too technical for me -- the page contains code sample and I am not a programmer. management/add-spatial-index.htm

Is there anything a non-programmer like me can do to speed things up?


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Add spatial index is a tool in ArcToolbox's Data Management toolset.

Shapefile?  Get it into a geodatabase will be a first suggestion

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Thanks, I'll look into it.

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