When creating a new FC, the Z-values checkbox should be disabled by default

06-16-2022 05:18 PM
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My organization will be making the switch from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro in the next year or two.

Here's one thing I'm not looking forward to in Pro: Unchecking the Z Values box every time I create a new feature class in Catalog:

(Z Values is enabled by default)


None of our FCs are 3d, so I will be unchecking that Z box for each feature class I create. 

In my opinion, that checkbox should be disabled by default, since I would think organizations have more 2d FCs than 3d FCs. It might seem like a small thing, but I actually create new FCs many times per day — as part of testing and development work. So for me, I think it will be quite an annoyance.

Could Esri consider disabling that checkbox by default? Or at the very least, give us an optional setting somewhere to change that behavior?


ArcToolbox as well?



@DanPatterson As you mentioned, Z-values aren't enabled in the ArcToolbox GP tool, so that's good.

I find it easier to use the Catalog method...but good to be reminded of the GP tool too.



And there is no option in the project backstage to standardize the behaviour of "create featureclass" in geodatabases.

That shouldn't be the case, so given the differences between the access points to fc creation, perhaps that is the thing that should be "fixed" 😉