Weather Extension

12-16-2011 12:22 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Adding a weather extension that allows the user to integrate weather conditions and their data could greatly diminish the chances of structures not working as planned once they are built and installed. 

For example, I map sewers so if there was a way I could visuallt see how hard it would have to rain to flood the sewers, that could be very helpful. We could catch mistakes before they happen. We might see that we need to put in a bigger pipe in a certain area because of the low elevation or other reasons. The extension would allow the user to have full control over how hard the precipitation is coming down and where in the map (if not the whole map) it is falling. The precipiation would follow the attributes of the structures such as elecation, directional flow, etc. There could be a query that says which fields need to be considered in the precipitation test. 

This could show floodplains and areas where it would be likely to stand on the roads. Traffic could be included in the weather extension. Being able to animate traffic would help the user predict accident prone area and area where speeding and other illegal actions could take place. This could help when planning for construction also. 

Structures may have to be 3D in order for this to be successful. Raster images would also have to he a 3D feel as well in order for the elevations to integrate the animation accurately. 

If this is unclear, feel free to comment and I will try to explan further.