Warn or inform user that selection is applied in geoprocessing pane

11-30-2020 08:26 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if ArcGIS Pro would warn or inform the user that a selection or definition query is applied to the inputs of a geoprocessing tool and that the tool will only run against a subset of the data.  Like every ArcGIS user, I've caught myself only analyzing a selection or subset of data and have had to go back an redo the steps with the selection cleared.  I worry that I've missed this in some cases where the reduced output isn't as obvious.  In ArcGIS Pro, it would be ideal if all geoprocessing tools indicated that a selection or definition query was applied to the data as it was added to the tool inputs, this would give the user a visual cue to remove the selection if that was not the intention. 


They do


and it doesn't flash or beep though

Thank you @DanPatterson I hadn't caught that one. I can also use all the flashing and beeping I can get...

The same when we do a share.  I know I have to check but, in exporting to pdf, I forgot to check and the result is the selected item are in print.  So, when doing some operation, a message like will you apply the selected item or deselect them would be very appreciated.