View GeoPDF Files in ArcMap

07-28-2010 02:56 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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GeoPDF formatted data represents a large and growing source of information. The US Geological Survey is creating all new US Topo products in GeoPDF format and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is releasing scanned map products in GeoPDF format.

It would be a great help if ArcMap would be able to display these GeoPDF products ... at least as a background map ... if not exploit their content further.

In my experience, as a GIS Specialist in County of Santa Barbara Fire Department, the base maps needed for firefighter safety, operations, and for public safety are very specialized. The basemaps that ESRI provides are good, but the specialized maps that are produced with fire department data require a different set of layers that would improve our system greatyly if ycou could add+ GeoPDF's and especially USGS topo. 
Geopdf is the de facto standard now. We need the capability to use them in ArcMap.
PDF has become the Esperanto of the digital era.  Why go only "half-way" with just plain PDF?  Come on ESRI, you're geospatial... give us end-users, and the world of map product consumers out there, the full-monte and adopt a GeoPDF format.
I would like to be able to open the free USGS topos (which are GeoPDFs) in ArcMap. There is not a good solution for viewing these files in ArcMap currently- the only available options are additional software that cost an arm and a leg. Please make this capability part of the next service pack! Thank you.
Should would be great and less time consuming to georeference maps using the standard format of adobe acrobat. We spend a ton of time georeferencing files in several formats. If we can export to pdf from arcmap why not have the file format available for import too? Get with it ESRI!
Absolutely maddining! GeoPDFs are becoming a bad word in our shop. Please add this to the list of "must do's".
No Brainer...
Don't be on the wrong side of history on this one ESRI!
Yes please.  We need this functionality.  Hate to be behind and not able to use the products.