View GeoPDF Files in ArcMap

07-28-2010 02:56 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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GeoPDF formatted data represents a large and growing source of information. The US Geological Survey is creating all new US Topo products in GeoPDF format and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is releasing scanned map products in GeoPDF format.

It would be a great help if ArcMap would be able to display these GeoPDF products ... at least as a background map ... if not exploit their content further.

Please add the ability to import a pdf and/or geopdf? The USGS has been creating GeoPDF for years and is miagrating toward more geopdfs.  Concerning the comment below, of 7 Sep 2010, I contacted the GeoPDF
Program Lead, Ray Caputo, on 15 Mar 2012.  Mr. Caputo stated yes there is an extension for ArcMap to read GeoPDF, but it is only for US Dept of Def use.  This GeoPDF extension was created by TerraGoTech in 2006.
The same extension "TerraGo-Publisher" can be purchased from,  The cost is $3000 US and offers many other options, including the ability to create GeoPDFs.  ArcMap users just need the ability to import a basic geopdf, the same analogy as when Lizard Tech created MrSid Image files and ESRI users were able to import these .sid files at No Cost.
I understand with these I will be able to change the colors and they are borken down into standard colors.  Currently I have access to JPG files which I can not currently change.  Please add these GeoPDF files.
This would be very useful! Thanks!  If available, we would start using it right away!
Please add this capability to ArcMap.
Please add this functionality to ArcGIS!   Being able to view the new USGS historical topos in GeoPDF format (without having to convert them) would be very useful.
This is really important now that USGS has delivered historic quads in geopdf format
This would be very useful!
This sounds like a great idea.
Awesome idea!
The ability to view GeoPDF in ArcMap would help facilitate several long term monitoring ecological projects in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem by allowing project managers to easily interface location data such as monitoring sites with the US Topo product and then print quads for field operations with collars and reference grids already in place. This is a well-established requirement for numerous federal land management agencies.