Use of Custom Geocode in web Survey123 without loggin

04-08-2019 10:36 AM
Status: Open
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The use of a custom geocoder in the web browser without using a loggin, like it is with the Web app builde, would be really appreciated. That's great that option is available for the web and application version but only when we are loggin. We would like use a survey123 for the general population and unfortunatly the use of a loggin is not appropriate.

Thank you for considering my idea.

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I would expand on this in that we would like to utilize Survey123 more for our County only, but when we publish public surveys and it uses the world geolocator, people from outside our County boundary can submit a survey. If we could limit the geographic area of a locator - either the Esri locator or by ONLY using our locator - this would make things much easier and much less confusing. I have tried various methods, like linking a web map with only our addresses, but the map in the survey still includes the Esri world geolocator when searching an address. Which again, causes confusion.