use masking functionalities with labels in ArcGIS Pro

11-03-2020 06:54 AM
Status: Open
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Hello everybody ! The masking tools with ArcGIS Pro are wonderful, but when we use labels with a masked layer, they remain displayed on the map. And we have to export them as annotations to get the result we need (and it doesn't facilitate our work).

So it could be useful to integrate the labels into the masking functions. Even if it's possible...

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Adding my support for this functionality. A lot of the mapping I find myself doing these days is building templates for less GIS capable staff to use. One of the features I've been looking forward to using is the layer Masking in ArcGIS Pro. In itself, it works great for features. I have another issue (will post separately) about the settings resetting each time a layer is moved, but hiding labels seems like an obvious exclusion. I struggle to think of a scenario where you would want to hide features by still show the labels.

I understand that we can convert labels to annotation and mask them that way, but that is not desirable when the map products we make will vary in location and scale and we want the labeling to be dynamic.