Topology editing for geometric networks

11-17-2016 05:56 AM
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It would be very nice to be able to have topology rules such as:

  1. endpoint must be covered by startpoint - this ensures downstream flow, i.e., the outlet of one pipe must go into another pipe
  2. startpoint must not coincide with startpoint - prevents having two pipes start at the same point. Flow doesn't know which pipe to follow.

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After you build your geometric network you can set up rules for that. Double click on your network in ArcCatalog and the Geometric Network Properties dialog will appear.  On the second tab called Connectivity you can set up your rules.  In the pasted image below is the dialog from an electric system.  I click the Electric Station which is a point feature.  It can only connect to a line feature.  So the other point features are grayed out.  In the case of an Electric Station (Substation) it can only connect to a BusBar. So I would check the BusBar box

Then I select BusBar from the drop down menu.  BusBars are a line feature and can only connect to a point feature. 

You will see it automatically added Electric Station.

Now I only want a BusBar to connect to an Electric Station or a Recloser or Fuse Feeder Bay