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07-23-2019 05:49 AM
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Hi, In arcmap, when you convert labels to annotation in a project, the labels in the layers are deactivated.  When you do it with tiled labels to annotations with geoprocessing, the annotations are created but the layers stay in label mode.

So please, include the same functions in Pro or, at least, make multiple selection available for activating labelling on and off.  When you have 50+ of layers, it's time consuming to each time doing the label on each time.

By the way, can you sort the annotation in A to Z order not Z to A when inserting them in the maps.

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Pro 2.4 already supports this. In the Contents pane go to List by Labeling. Hold down CTRL and select all of the layers you want to turn on or off. Then right click one of the layers and select Label. It will check/uncheck all of the layers selected. Hope this helps!



If it could be faster.  Take forever...  more time than manually with arcmap.


Just try it in 2.6.2 and when ctrl selection done, the right clic show Label in grey.  No way to activate Label that way.

Could be faster to just add a box in the geoprocessing with "Leave Label activated" or return to the ArcMap way of doing it.

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Hi - I'm not seeing this at Pro 2.9.  If you still see the issue please let me know.