The ability to save what layers are turned on in Arcmap

06-15-2016 03:28 PM
Status: Open
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The ability to save which layers are turned on in the table of contents. That you could load in other mxds and done over & over. We are always having to turn layers on and off and it would be nice to have a quick easy way to return to what you want turned on and replicating in other projects.  We often have one mxd that we create many different maps from that require different layers turned on and off.

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If you turn a layer or group of layers off in the mxd you are working in with the desired status you can right click on it in the table of contents and save it as a layer file.

When you add that layer file into a new mxd it will not only maintain its on/off status but it will maintain symbols and labels

I have a set of land base features that I want to behave the same in each new MXD I use them in.  I get them set the way I want and group them together.  I then save the whole group as a layer file.  I can then open that land base group in any new mxd.