Table of Contents (TOC) - Add Option to "Hide" Layers

05-30-2012 08:15 AM
Status: Open
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It would be helpful to have the ability to temporarily remove/hide layers from your Table of Contents in your map document (.mxd), but which could easily be recalled by the user.

Scenario:  The map document currently has a number of layers in the Table of Contents - some of which may perhaps have been used as reference only or perhaps used as source data while editing a target layer.  These layers may also have specific symbology applied.  However, these layers may tend to clutter-up your TOC.  Currently, your options might be limited for example, to removing these layers from your TOC.  To be sure, you could always re-add these layers back to your map document; however besides having to take the time to browse for your source data, you may also need to re-set the symbology.

New suggested feature:  Add the capability for the user to "hide" layers from your TOC, but giving the user the ability to easily bring these layers (and their assigned properties) back into the TOC.

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