Sync. Windows with Task Creator

05-16-2017 02:52 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor

I'm glad to have the task creator, although like the model builder, but this way I can have clients just click a couple of buttons and automate very difficult operations without having to know any of the steps or time that it takes to typically run these things. HOWEVER, I would love to be able to fully take care of the clients on a day to day, so they never have to worry about using a computer for the field workers or having a license. 

Considering creating an option to synchronize the windows time frame with ArcPro. Then in create a task, create a basic pyhton script that you can have the option to allow the user to give permission to the program/script to run the task at anytime that is prescribed. Right now I have to write up Python scripts for ArcMap to run on its but due to arcmap going away, it doesn't make sense for me to offer this to clients. 

This would create solutions to many of the requests that you're likely having. Like adding a calculate field widget. You could easy create a task scheduler to geoprocess the online data very easily and no one would even know that it's a background program processing the information. I promise you, if you do this as a solution, this will clear up lots of requests.