Subtype on a TEXT Attribute

10-21-2010 07:17 AM
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Subtypes can be based on an integer attribute only.
Please enable subtypes to be built on a text attribute.

I have a natural key for countries as a text string "US", "UK", "AT", ...
I have to keep a surrogate integer key corresponding with the natural key in 1:1 relationship  (1 ~ "US",  2 ~ "UK", 3 ~ "AT"...) and I have to ensure data integrity among these two attributes by rather complicated mechanism. This is due only to the need to create a subtype on the country...

So, cucrrently, I have to make a complex solution for basic tasks...

Please consider this functionality. This will simplyfy the application design in many cases a lot. 
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This idea has been closed as a duplicate of the Data Management Idea linked below. Don't worry, you can still show your support by commenting and adding kudos to the open idea. Thanks for your contributions!

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Is there any status on this idea? Will it ever be implemented?