Specify which compass to use for Generate Near Table tool

10-22-2012 05:07 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
The Generate Near Table tool exports a table that reports the distance for all the nearest features within a specified distance, and will optionally report back the direction/angle of the near feature to the source feature.  For some reason, the current calculation of the angle puts 0 degrees to east, 90 to the north, 180/-180 to the west and -90 to the south.  There should be a way to tell it to export the angle using a different compass like Polar, North or South Azimuth.  This would be very useful for field workers or normal people that use these measurements already.  I know there are scripts to transform them, but this should be like the dropdown that is on the Editor Options for angle measurements.

Thank you,
Alan Hammersmith
Senior GIS Web Application Developer
Stone Environmental, Inc.