Sincronize Coordinate Systems (Geographic and Projected) and Transformation via ArcGIS Online

03-04-2016 12:42 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
The admin of an Organization create a subset or a custom set of Coordinate System and transformation (datum transformation/datum shift) and share this with the users. Maybe some type of sync tool (similar a source code repo).

This ideia contemplate the possibility to remove some coordinate systems and transformation from the of-the-self list of CRS avaliable  to the end user.

With the widespread use of GIS tools, not every user has the knowledge (yeah, this should not happens but...) to select the correct datum shift (especially between the n versions, p.e., SAD69 to SIRGAS2000 has 16 versions...). 
A good workflow is to let a curator (geodetic engineer, geodetic specialist etc) filter and evaluate this transformations and only allow a subset or custom set.