Set display field for related tables as part of setting up the relate

11-21-2013 07:19 PM
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At the moment once you have set up a relate (or a relationship class in SDE), when you click on a feature with the identify tool in ArcMap and expand to show the related fields it just shows the value of some random field as the heading of each record in the related table - see example below:


But I would like to choose the field shown as the related record heading:


I know you can do this by setting the display firld in the related table however this isn't a permanant thing and has to be set every time the data is pulled into ArcMap.  I tried making a layer file for the table but since the layer file is not for the actual related table it doesn't keep this setting.

Could it not be a step when setting up the relationship class to set the display field for the related table so that this is saved with the relate and is used every time the relate is called?