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06-10-2021 07:20 AM
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Hi,  when selecting multiple elements, all take the colour define in parameters.

It will be very useful to make this colour change when selecting, inside the selection made, where is located the element in the selection.  I know we can use flash but, for me, doesn't work since some time nothing happened.

So make a second colour available to the selected item in all the selections on attributes.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for submitting this idea @MarcelSt-Germain 

For the part about not seeing anything when you use flash, is it because you are at a very small scale or the feature(s) you are flashing are small on the map?  You might want to go vote on

We need just a bit more clarification on exactly where you're asking for additional ability to set a selection color.  

Since you mention "selections on attributes" are you referring to Select by Attributes?  And the idea is to have a way to set the selection color from that tool?


Can you clarify what you mean by "where is located the element in the selection."?  Can you show us a screenshot of where you are asking to be able to set selection colors?

Is your expectation that selection colors set in the tool would override, but not change, the colors and patterns set in the Selection Options?



Would your idea amount to setting the layer's > Selection 'Choose alternate color' property from within the Select by Attributes tool?


Thank you for any clarification that you can bring to this idea.  We're interested in better understanding your request!




I try to be more explicit with a screen capture, this time.

So if you look at the picture, unfortunately at a place already work on but, the same case anyway.

You see, I'm in Edit pane, I make a selection and I select, from the attributes panel in selection that I have selected the number one.

There first, for the flash, no problem with arcmap but in Pro... my scale is around 1 : 7 000 and I see nothing happening.

What I try to explain my idea is, when in a selection is made, and in attributes panel I make a selection,  the colour of this selection should be changed to a highlated colour making a contrast to all the selection, like yellow when you reselect in a table selection.

With this it will save time since, for now, I have to place, unplace all annotations to see the one I need to unplace. Since the process for each of this try take a long time, it's frustrating.

Selection in editSelection in edit


Status changed to: Open

Thanks, Marcel.  That helps to understand what you're asking for.