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Screen captures in instructions

07-13-2022 02:00 PM
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I often struggle with the documentation/instructions because they lack pictures. In particular, when instructions say something like “click on the bottom of the edit window and then the add feature button.” It’s hard because a lot of tools/buttons/etc. are not labeled in Pro. So, just sticking a little screen capture showing that tool and where it is in Pro would be super helpful!


I agree, especially for newcomers to ArcGIS Pro....the terminology is very complex when it comes to tasks bar/sections of the taskbar.....the context-dependent taskbars/context menu are not always intuitive. I agree that screenshots or a link to a demo would be very useful


When I first graduated college, I had a job with an organization that made an ArcView extension. We included a detailed help document that walked the user through each popup/GUI and explained what it did in detail. ESRI provided similar, detailed documentation (printed at the time) that was super helpful.

Why does the help for the modern Esri products almost completely lack graphics? The new help is mostly text. Maybe it's optimized for google? But as a GIS professional, I'd appreciate more visual help. (and while videos are nice, they don't replace quality documentation).

For example, this help should include a screenshot of the legend to quickly show the user what it's talking about. Use advanced labeling for a continuous raster dataset—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation
Or this topic: Work with a legend item—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation Where is a screenshot showing the different types of legends?


I fully agree and have always found this very tedious. My guess is that Esri does not want to have a static graphic for a potential dynamic idea. However, there is a toggle at the top of every help article for which version of Pro it is, so static images should be perfectly fine.