Scratch Map in ArcGIS Pro

05-07-2020 11:38 AM
Status: Open
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I'd like ArcGIS Pro to have a Scratch Map (and scratch Global and Local Scene too). 



Many times, in ArcGIS Pro I start in the Catalog View; for new projects or existing.  And, I usually save projects with all maps and layouts closed (for faster opening of projects). Now, I like to get the data first before I start working with it in a map.  When I find or create the data I want to view and work with, currently I can...


...right-click and then Add to New > Map or, if I have Maps already open (I usually don't), Add to Current Map (or Add to [Map Name]).  Now, lets say I already have a Map named Map... well, Add to New Map is going to create  map named Map1. If I have a Map and Map1, then I get a Map2, and so on...




I'd like to see an additional option which allows the user to Add to Scratch Map.  This map would be temporary to the Project Session, unless the user saves it (a prompt for the user to name the map would be needed...don't want to automatically name it "Scratch Map").  This would help me not to clog up my projects with Map, Map1, Map2, etc.  We have scratch workspaces, let's add Scratch Maps too!