Reverse Mask

01-18-2011 05:05 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to see a toggle for "Advanced Drawing Options" masking that lets you mask inside OR outside of a polygon. Only being able to mask inside a polygon is often of no use or requires the implementation of smoke and mirror strategies.
I have created 'outside' masks for years with a large polygon and then erasing with the polygon of interest.
The ability to mask on the fly would save time.  It also would be good to have the ability to adjust percentage transparency for the outside mask.
.....or the clip to shape option could also be fixed to not mask annotation of unclipped layers...

This would be very ideal. I have a set of about 40 rasters that extend slightly beyond a set of lakes (polygon features). I would like to mask each raster using these lake polygon features. I want to show the rasters inside of the particular features but not outside of those features. 


I wonder why this isn't possible yet. It's just logical, my mask should hide the outside not the inside !


I have to agree with Joabel here. For me the expected behavior is that mask affects the outside of my area of interest!


Would be fantastic to be able to display a raster that only lies within the bounds of an existing polygon. Much like a clipping mask works in Adobe Illustrator etc.

A simple toggle for inside/outside would be best.