reinstatement of SUP file support

01-09-2017 04:28 PM
Status: Implemented
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I work for a large public sector organisation with a couple of dozen 3D workstations. We make extensive use of Leica ADS 3D imagery which utilises the Socet Set file structure.  We have recently migrated from Arc 10.1 to 10.4 and the removal of SOCET set or SUP file support from ArcMAP after version 10.2 is a significant impediment to our efficient use of the ADS data.  Whilst we have block files for each dataset removal of direct SUP file support limits our ability to quickly open multiple layers and as strips of imagery are unalterably set to display automatically, this demands considerable system resources when we do open multiple strips of data.  As we have also standardised on drive mapping and have an installed base of users familiar with the SUP files it’s operationally a step backward in terms of ease of use as well.  Is there any sort of plug in that we could use to re-establish the SUP file support?  Could SUP file support be re-integrated into a future service pack?  Thanks.

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