Publishing Annotations to ARCGIS Online

08-15-2018 05:49 AM
Status: Open
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Could you please work on allowing users to publish annotation feature class to ArcGIS online?


This is literally the ONLY thing preventing us from getting rid of our flexviewer maps. If anybody has a work around I'd be interesting in hearing it.


If you want a workaround to view (only) your ArcGIS Pro annotation in ArcMap see this article. It'll take you through the process of publishing a tile service of your annotation in ArcGIS Pro that can be consumed in ArcMap.
Problem: Unable to open an ArcGIS Pro annotation feature class in ArcMap 


It has been almost 2 years since this idea was posted, any chance of this coming soon to ARCGIS Online?


Are there any updates to allowing annotation to be published to ArcGIS Online?  I just started moving everything to ArcGIS Online and so Enterprise is not an option.  I just discovered that the tiled layer I created for my annotation must be at the bottom of the list.  This is a big problem!  In this particular map I need the annotation to be displayed on top because of the solid layer.  I may try transparency as a workaround for now.


Have you tried viewing your layers in Map Viewer Beta?  I could be wrong but I thought that re-ordering layers (even tile layers) was a new capability...


I can move it just fine in BETA but when I save the map and bring it in the Web Application Builder, the annotation tiled layer is at the bottom again.  This also doesn't address the need to be able to publish and edit annotation layers in ArcGIS Online.