Publish service that is symbolized on multiple attributes

10-13-2016 01:19 PM
Status: Implemented
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I would like to be able to publish a service where the symbology is based on at least two attributes (Unique values, many fields).  We utilize published data in the Collector app, so being able to show more than one attribute would give the user more information on the data that is already collected, and allow us to keep the information in separate fields (right now we have it concatenated into one field) so that we can run queries and reports on the collected data more easily.


Really good idea, thanks for posting. I require this functionality as well for a similar purpose.


Very good suggestion. I was very suprised and kind of disappointed to find out that this isn't a standard functionality in ArcGIS Server.

Status changed to: Implemented

This was associated with an enhancement request in technical support (ENH-000100093) that is marked as implemented in 10.6.1.  

I also just tried from Pro and it works from there so marking this Implemented.