Pro: When publishing a service, show the name of the map used to publish the service.

09-09-2019 10:36 AM
Status: Open
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When publishing a service to an unfederated server with ArcMap, you get something like; 


With Pro, at least you get the project is was published from, but not the map within the project. 

I manage a team of folks publishing stuff to many servers, and often, the only way I can find the publishing source is to go into the service description and find the path and name of the mxd. It looks like I'm unable to do this with Pro. As I look to migrate several hundred services to a new server farm, I'm not comfortable republishing everything from Pro if I can't get to the exact publishing source. Example: I open the .aprx shown above, and it has 15 different maps related to special use permits. Which one was used to publish the service?