PRO Save Function Equivalency with ArcMap

01-14-2019 01:02 PM
Status: Open
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Could we get the same type of save functionality as we had in ArcMap with Pro.

In ArcMap, I could open an .mxd, make changes to that .mxd, add or remove shapefiles and feature classes and even do analysis, and then quit without saving.  When I re-opened the .mxd it was as-if I had never done anything.  

In PRO when I make any change, that change is "live" in the map - and any associated Layouts, even if I don't save the project.

I'd like the ability to save but have that save apply the changes I have made rather than everything being "live". 

I've worked around this right now using a "Working Map" that is not tied to an layouts but having one working map to answer any question is cumbersome. It was easier with ArcMap to open up a map that was somehow related to the question they might be asking and answer the question with that map, then close it without saving. 

Maybe there is a setting somewhere to toggle this function?  I haven't found it if there is. 

This functionality would improve my PRO experience a LOT. 


Hi Sean,

Can you give a specific example of Pro saving a change that you have not asked it to save in the project?

Here is a map that I was working with to do a drag and drop demo... and then I started doing some subdivide polygon work in it.  This is how it opens up:

No I will add some data, remove some data, change the projection, and turn of the map clipping that I had in place above from the mid-century map:

Now I'll close the project and I'm asked if I want to save all those changes:

I click No.

I re-open the same project and nothing that I did was saved in the project.

If you have a case where you're seeing that this isn't the case, please share.


Hi Kory,

Thank You for the quick response.

I was not clear in my post. Let me clarify: What I am looking for is a specific save button to save changes I make in a specific map or layout, independent from the “global” project save

You are correct, (and I was not in my original post), that changes are not saved when you do not save a project.

What I am looking for is control over specific project elements.

So for example, I’d like to be able to open a project and open a layout where I would like changes saved, and a working map where I want to be able to do some work but not save changes. I’d like to be able to save the work I did on my layout, but NOT save the work I do in my working map.

At present I am only allowed to save the entire project which means any changes in the working map remain.


Thanks for the clarification.