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08-23-2021 02:09 PM
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As we move more into Pro there is one Geoprocessing tool that keeps hanging me up - the Buffer tool.

All of the other geoprocessing tools that we use require a 2 stage data entry: 1) Output location; 2) Output Name. The geoprocessing tool only has a single dialog where the Output Name is specified after drilling into the output location.

This inconsistency to the other tools dialog formats keep giving staff fits.

Just for workflow consistency, would it be possible to bring the Buffer tool dialog in line with the other Geoprocessing dialogs?



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Thank you for your idea @ThomasHoman . We have heard from other users interested in seeing consistency in geoprocessing tools’ output location and name, and we are tracking Consistency in Output Field and Location.  As a background, the far more common approach is what you see in the Buffer tool where the output location+name+extension is contained in one parameter.  As part of investigating the idea cited above, we found that there are really only a handful of tools that employ the split location+name+extension. We keep this pattern for backward compatibility but do not actively build new tools that follow that approach.

So we wanted to communicate that we have reviewed your idea, but if any changes are made to bring greater consistency moving forward, it would likely be in the opposite direction of what you are requesting.

Thank you